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We had a blast - I haven't seen this hard-working team smile so much in a while. We were all giddy afterwards. I have sent out a recommendation to other departments. Your moderators were personal and professional, the rooms were challenging, the clues fun - all good! - Tricia, Manager

Had a good time! Joined in with coworkers at a work-sponsored event, and had a good and complete escape room experience in just a half hour! Appreciated the smooth experience integrating with Teams and the way we were able to experience the escape room through their website smoothly without having to download or install anything. - Aarthi

Brenda and team were EXTREMELY helpful and I could not recommend them enough! I would highly suggest booking a team building event or virtual family fun night with Reality Break Escapes. - Zach

Virtual Team Building has never been so easy, or fun! Great for teams large and small.

Looking to get your team out of the Work at Home blahs? Trying to plan a virtual holiday party? Want to get to know your co-workers better and build a stronger sense of your global work community? Leave the coding and budgets behind and retreat into another dimension of interactive, brain tingling fun.

Break reality and be transported into another world where it’s you and your co-workers racing against the clock. Collaborate and problem-solve to reach your freedom as your team works like a well-oiled machine. 

Team Building Benefits for Your Company

Cultivate a Stronger Company Through Online, Virtual Team Building

Improve team dynamic | Learn skills together | Enhance social relations | Reduce stress | Have fun together!

Team Building with Reality Break Escapes

At Reality Break Escapes, we will coordinate your company’s team building to ensure all you need to do is show up on the call wearing your thinking cap. Our experienced event planners will help make your team's virtual outing with us run smoothly. Don't see what you're looking for in the game options below? Please contact us and we'd be happy to customize something for you.

All Virtual Team Building includes:

  • Live Interactive team puzzle solving
  • Game Master Hosted experience including live video briefing & debriefing
  • Personalized support by our event specialist
  • Zoom or MS Teams call with Breakout rooms provided
  • All participants start in the Host Area before going to breakout rooms
  • Simultaneous start times across rooms
Lucky Duck Speakeasy

Virtual Escape Room

Our Virtual Escape Rooms gives you the full interactivity that comes with an in-person experience right from your own office or home! Enjoy 360 views of the full room and work with your team to solve your way out...

Group Size: Range from 6 - 250

Current Rooms Available:

  • Lucky Duck Speakeasy
  • Cypherspace (Coming Soon)
  • Seattle Rocks

Immersive, scalable 60 minute game time | 90 minute total event time

Hosted Puzzle Hunts

A Hosted Puzzle Hunt is a series of puzzles and narrative tightly intertwined. Your whole team would work together to progress through puzzles one challenge at a time, with the end reached only through sheer teamwork and collaboration!

Group Size: Range from 6 - 36

Current Games Available:

  • Seattle Freeze
  • Mystery of the Missing Mare

Collaborative, engaging 60 minute game time | 90 minute total event time

Seattle Freeze Press Photo
Microsoft Team

Large Group Competitive Experiences

Are you ready to pit teams against each other in a timed puzzling progression of challenges? In our Large Group Competitive Experiences each team will take on this fun adventure in their own unique way. However, only the most determined and collaborative will reign supreme on the leaderboard.

Group Size: Range from 10 - 300

Current Games Available:

  • Seattle Freeze
  • Infiltration

Fast paced, competitive, 30-45 minute game time | 60 minute total event time

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