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Reality Break Escapes was excellent and I would use them again for my corporate function in a second. They were professional, punctual, and very communicative to ensure they provided the best experience to my large group of 65 team members. The team had a blast, the puzzles were fun and the facilitators were fantastic. If you are looking for a fun think to do at a corporate event, this is it! - Laura
Our team had a great time and looking forward to checking out some of the new adventures RBE is working on! Jenny was wonderful to work with on coordinating the event and the team onsite was very friendly and attentive. Thanks RBE team! 🙂 - Korey
This event hosted by Reality Break Escapes was refreshingly different than some of the other corporate group team building events we've had. The engagement and tasks seemed to really take into account all the people involved, and all of our participants seemed to have a very good time and said so. We'll definitely consider doing this again. The staff and event space is very professional and inviting. - Anna

Why Should My Group Play An Escape Game?

Team Events With Reality Break Escapes

Welcome to our newest offering, RBE Team Events! RBE Team Events is a perfect adventure for groups of 12 - 60+ who want the same shared experience. You'll find the classic Reality Break escape type experience but able to accommodate your entire group, playing the same game at the same time. Not just limited to classic escape rooms, RBE Team Events offers a host of options from unique and interactive game play to murder mysteries. Hosted at our brand new location featuring a great event space in North Bellevue.

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Murder At Hartford Estates

Murder at Hartford Estates

Seattle Freeze

Interactive Full Games

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Murder At Hartford Estates
A Mini Murder Mystery

Charlotte Hartford, the owner of The Hartford Estates ranch was murdered last night! She’s known across the country for her dozens of wins in the national circuit and we need your help to solve the mystery of what happened to Miss Charlotte. Your teams will race against time (and each other) to help gather evidence at the ranch to help figure out “Who Done It?” on this puzzling murder.

Our Mini Murder Mystery is a Clue-like competitive game where teams race to solve the murder! Each team will work to uncover evidence by solving the puzzles provided.

MHE New image 2023
Seattle Freeze (RGB 1)

Seattle Freeze
Collaborative Group Escape Game

Your team of Paranormal Investigators has been dispatched to save Seattle from an imminent threat. You will work together to look for clues, solve puzzles to identify and stop the impending danger. Can your team save the city in time?

Your whole team will work together with the end reached only through sheer teamwork and collaboration!

Walk Up & Play

Each of our Walk-Up and Play Puzzles are independent and deliver fun prizes. With these short, fun, interactive puzzles, you can choose to solve one or all of them. Solve for the code, enter it into the lock, then get a prize. They can be randomly selected, or you can choose a theme such as a Bistro, Science Lab or Park. Walk up to play, but can you walk away from the fun?


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All Packages Include:

  • Game Hosts onsite to facilitate games

  • Personalized support by our Events team

  • Event Space rental & snacks included

  • Plenty of free parking

  • Set up and clean up

Whether you are looking for fun for everyone at your event, casual entertainment option or a competitive game we have a variety of games to fit your need.

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