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At Reality Break Escapes, we will coordinate your company’s team building to ensure all you need to do is show up on Zoom or at our Bellevue location wearing your thinking cap. Our experienced, dedicated event planners will help make your team building outing with us run smoothly. We offer both in person, Seattle area team building options and virtual team building from anywhere in the world, for groups large and small.

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What's New

New North Bellevue Location


Our Team wants to play, eat & have fun in person in North Bellevue, playing the same escape game together at the same time.


  • 4 new unique Escape Games
  • Large or small groups: 12 - 60+
  • Event space rental & snacks included
  • Great space to relax and connect
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Our 4 New Unique Escape Games

  • Murder at Hartford Estates - A narrated puzzle experience that teams race to be the 1st to solve the mystery. 
  • Seattle Freeze - A collaborative game where groups go head-to-head to stop the impending danger.
  • STA-C - Small groups interact individually to free their friends from the dreaded Time Chain.
  • Walk Up & Play - Casual fun puzzles to leisurely play and win fun prizes. 

Tried & True

Downtown Bellevue Location


Our Team wants to play escape rooms in person in Downtown Bellevue, with up to 23 playing at one time across 3 rooms.


  • 3 unique Rooms
  • Event space rental available
  • Walkable from most Downtown Bellevue
  • Full Escape Room Experience
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Outdoor Team Scavenger Hunts

Our team wants to play a fun interactive puzzley scavenger hunt outdoors in downtown Bellevue.

  • Can accommodate large or small groups
  • 2 fun walkable options
  • Event space included
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Team Building To You

Portable Escape Games


Our Team will be having an offsite event or party and we want the escape games to come to us.


  • 4 new unique Escape Games
  • Modular options to fit your event needs
  • Setup, Teardown & Staffing included
  • Perfect for groups of 20 - 600
Virtual Team Escapes

Our team is remote and we want to play our escape game online.

  • Live interactive team puzzle solving
  • Game Master guided experience
  • Perfect for groups of 6 - 600

New Location Now Open in North Bellevue!

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RBE Team Events is a perfect adventure for groups of 12 - 60+ who want the same shared experience. You'll find the classic Reality Break escape type experience but able to accommodate your entire group, playing the same game at the same time. Not just limited to classic escape rooms, RBE Team Events offers a host of options from unique and interactive game play to murder mysteries. Hosted at our brand new location featuring a great event space in North Bellevue.

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