Reality Break Escapes offers something different, local and engaging. Our unique themes take you back in time to diffuse a bomb left by the mob, send you to the future to retrieve a data probe from a wormhole or take place right now in the Seattle music scene to save your soul..  You will race against the clock, piece together the clues, work as a team, pool your knowledge and findings to escape from reality.

We opened Reality Break Escapes in Bellevue with our three unique themed escape rooms, Lucky Duck Speakeasy, Cypherspace and Top of the Charts, in June 2018 after being hooked a couple of years earlier. After playing our first escape room in the Seattle area in 2016, we played several more, really enjoyed the experience and became serious escape room enthusiasts. Realizing that Bellevue had very few escape rooms, we found a great location in downtown Bellevue that's walkable from many businesses, hotels, apartments and condos and opened the area's newest escape room.

Teams That Have Escaped With Us

At Reality Break Escapes, we will coordinate your company’s team building to ensure all you need to do is show up on Zoom or at our Bellevue location wearing your thinking cap. Our experienced, dedicated event planners will help make your team building outing with us run smoothly. We offer both in person, Seattle area team building options and virtual team building from anywhere in the world, for groups large and small.

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The newest offering from Reality Break Escapes - Bellevue Scavenger Hunts! Family-friendly and self-guided hunts bring you through downtown Bellevue to discover aliens, solve puzzles and riddles, and experience the city like never before. The magic of an escape room is now available as a scavenger hunt in our own backyard.

  • We did the Cypherspace puzzle as a birthday activity for my 14 year old and her friends. It was a lot of fun! Hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that we had no idea what to do. I've done escape rooms where the puzzles are so hard to figure out that we never in a million years have gotten them without tons of help. This was lots more fun because we were actually able to solve most of them with only a few hints. It was also well designed in that there were multiple puzzles for our group to work on so we weren't all standing around watching one person try to figure something out. There was something for everyone to contribute. I would highly recommend it!

    Jennifer Cripe Avatar
    Jennifer Cripe


    Fernando Laguna Avatar
    Fernando Laguna

    Chloe was great! We had a fun time in our virtual escape room

    Eric Kiesow Avatar
    Eric Kiesow
  • Was great!

    Andrew Watkins Avatar
    Andrew Watkins

    This was a ton of fun! We did a virtual escape room which was really cool!

    Curtice Lockhart Avatar
    Curtice Lockhart

    I had an absolutely amazing time! The staff(which were super super helpful and friendly), group picture and experience was fantastic. I was so worried at first we wouldn't make it before starting, however once you start getting the first few puzzles/tasks going it all started piecing together. Can't wait to come back and do the other rooms!

    Devon Martin Avatar
    Devon Martin
  • My friends and I did cyberphase and it was very fun! Friendly and helpful staff, cool room and puzzles with varying difficulties. Only problem at all was that the place was difficult to find due to a lack of big signs.

    Jenny Peng Avatar
    Jenny Peng

    Sooooo fun. We did this for a bachelorette party late at night and it was perfect and sooo fun!

    Stacy Story Avatar
    Stacy Story

    Our experience at Reality Break Escapes was excellent! It is a hidden gem in a tiny little plaza- so if you find it, that‘s the first puzzle! It doesn‘t look like much at first, but once you‘re in your room, it‘s amazing! Our game alone consisted of 4 separate rooms. Our gamemaster was super nice and helpful. It was a great time, and I would definitely recommend it! We did the Lucky Duck Speakeasy- it was challenging, but with a few hints from the gamemaster, we did it!

    Judie K Avatar
    Judie K

What's an escape room?

An escape room is a timed series of puzzles, clues, games and hints that will help your team achieve the goal of the themed room. Some themes will take you back in time, some will send you to the future to save your ship, some may even be right now.  You will race against the clock, piece together the clues, work as a team, pool your knowledge and findings to escape from reality.

You have 60 minutes.  You have your team assembled. You have your wits and there are clues & puzzles waiting.  You are ready to play!