100 years ago Dr Harriet Clark discovered a transverse wormhole in the universe.  Dr. Clark put a data probe there to make sure it was fit for human travel. Now you and your team of top scientists from around the world must go to the wormhole, retrieve the data probe and analyze the data, however you must do this in 60 minutes or your ship will be irradiated.

Level: Beginner - Experienced

Recommended Players: 3 - 8

Time: 60 Minutes

    5 star review  We had a wonderful time! Great puzzles and difficulty level for teens, but still fun and challenging for us as parents! The staff was absolutely wonderful. Helpful, positive, professional... just fantastic. (We worked with Brandon and Shane and they were both so great!)

    thumb Ali Cole

    5 star review  It was fun team building time with my work team. Loved the Reality Break Escapes coach's positive and energetic manners! Nice diversion from WFH.

    thumb Doug Lee

    5 star review  More than meets the eye at Reality Break Escapes. We had a really fun experience with a team outing here at Reality Break Escapes! There is so much to uncover and piece together in each puzzle room. Just when you think you've got the puzzle figured out there is more waiting for you. Looking forward to coming back to try another one soon!

    thumb Emily Sorenson

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