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The Challenge

100 years ago Dr Harriet Clark discovered a transverse wormhole in the universe.  Dr. Clark put a data probe there to make sure it was fit for human travel. Now you and your team of top scientists from around the world must go to the wormhole, retrieve the data probe and analyze the data, however you must do this in 60 minutes or your ship will be irradiated.

Level: Beginner - Experienced

Recommended Players:

3 - 9
  • Time: 60 Minutes

Hear From Our Customers

  • 5 star review  Although we didn't "escape" in time, we had a fun time. Timmy was very attentive and he was great at giving us clues at the exact moment we needed them.... read more

    thumb Kristina Mercado-Kaeding
    April 10, 2022

    5 star review  Great fun solving mysteries and puzzles together!

    thumb John Fabbro
    May 31, 2022

    5 star review  Easy peazy speakeasy

    thumb Yashom B
    April 10, 2022
  • 5 star review  Shay is an amazing game master host, and helped drop clues when we were stuck. Her energy kept our spirts up and excited to move through the challenging rooms. Thanks,... read more

    thumb Jonathan DeLeon
    April 3, 2022

    5 star review  Great place. Been here twice. Really enjoyed with family. The puzzles are just about the right level of difficulty. The themes are well designed. Staff are well trained and really... read more

    thumb ministry UK
    April 3, 2022

    5 star review  Rock Seattle was a pretty fun room. There was a small issue with a safe not opening when it should but our game master quickly came in to assist so... read more

    thumb Mattison Hain
    June 15, 2022
  • 5 star review  Don’t go by the looks, when you enter the space it’s a bit congested and you need walk down a fleet of thin stairs. Gives you real trouble if you... read more

    thumb Kurian K S
    May 31, 2022

    5 star review  We had an awesome time in the Seattle Rocks escape room, and will have to come back again to try the others soon. What a great way to celebrate a... read more

    thumb Carl King
    June 14, 2022

    5 star review  We had our daughter’s b’day party…It was soooo much fun all the kids even adults had a great time. The puzzles were super cool. Our group was divided into all... read more

    thumb Bhawana Relia
    June 19, 2022

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