100 years ago Dr Harriet Clark discovered a transverse wormhole in the universe.  Dr. Clark put a data probe there to make sure it was fit for human travel. Now you and your team of top scientists from around the world must go to the wormhole, retrieve the data probe and analyze the data, however you must do this in 60 minutes or your ship will be irradiated.

Level: Beginner - Experienced

Recommended Players: 3 - 8

Time: 60 Minutes

Had a blast here at Reality Break Escapes. It was just my girl & iAnd we did the 1920’s speakeasy themed room. We got lots of help from our super helpful game master Josh—hats off to Josh. He was our third unofficial “teammate.” We didn’t escape but thanks to Josh we almost got out. Nonetheless it was a great time, definitely recommend this escape room. We will be returning to do the cyberspace room.

Myles Brothers Avatar
Myles Brothers

This was a lot fun

Matt Burns Avatar
Matt Burns

Such a fun party for my daughter’s 13th birthday! Excellent communication from booking through the end. Lots of locks and a variety to puzzles to solve that kept us working right to the end. Engaged “invisible” host to help keep us on track and offer clues as we needed/ wanted them was fabulous. The girls and I had an absolute blast. Would definitely do again with a group of my own friends.

Erin Allen Avatar
Erin Allen

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