Seattle Freeze

Welcome to Seattle, home of rain and more rain! What would normally be a peaceful city has awoken to quite a problem today.

Your team of paranormal investigators has been dispatched to Seattle on short notice. All you’ve been told is that Seattle is facing an imminent threat, and only your team can help!

You must follow the clues scattered around the city to unravel this mystery and find a way to save the city and you must hurry before chaos ensues...

Can you save the city in time??


Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Connect With Friends!

Time: 60 Minutes

    5 star review  Our team had a great time. We naturally divided and conquered. We were almost all newbies to escape rooms, and the others had only been once. That little bit of experience helped, but wasn't required. We left talking about going back to try the other rooms.

    thumb Penny Williams

    5 star review  We had a great time. The owners were VERY friendly. The game was quite challenging, but we got a few hints. VERY CLEAN and NEW. The phone charges in the lockers were s nice touch!

    thumb Rob Farrell

    5 star review  Hidden Gem in Bellevue. They could accommodate our three groups all at once and we each had a staff dedicated to our own group. Room was super fun and just the right amount of challenging. Will definitely be going back to try the others!

    thumb Mallory Dehbod