Why Team Building?

According to Wikipedia "Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks." What's more collaborative than solving puzzles, finding clues in an escape room?

Whether you have a newly formed team and you want to understand the team dynamic or your team is a seasoned one looking for a way to re-energize / improve collaboration, our team building program can help.

Team Building Benefits

  • Discover new strategies to solve problems
  • Improve team dynamic
  • Identify hidden strengths
  • Increase problem solving potential
  • Learn skills together
  • Have fun together!


About Team Building with Reality Break Escapes

  • Experienced Event Planner will work with you to help arrange everything you need to have a seamless/successful event
  • Dedicated facility use for parties of 18+ (Includes 3 escape rooms, lobby and event space)
  • Help with catering arrangements
  • Snacks, water and soft drinks provided
Extended Lunch Break 90 minutes

Extended Lunch Break: 90 minutes

Tired of the same waiting in line for a cold sandwich or working through lunch? Tired of team lunches in noisy restaurants? Maybe it's time your team had an extended lunch break that will reenergize them and get them through the rest of the afternoon. Here's what your Break includes:

  • One escape per participant
  • Personalized event support 
  • Choice of game
  • Team photo
  • Choice of lunch from catering partners - ready for your team after the escape is finished so you can play, eat and leave to get back to the office in time for your 2pm meetings.

Break Time: 3 hours

You know your team has been working hard and deserves a break. They are craving the opportunity to get out of the office. Why not treat them to a few hours of fun that allow everyone to learn in fun environment? Here's what your Break includes:

  • One escape per participant
  • Personalized event support
  • Choice of game
  • Team photo
  • Observation by our team-building professional
  • Post-escape team-building workshop
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks
Breaktime 3 hours
Breaking New Ground 5 hours

Breaking New Ground: 5 hours

Understanding comes from applying what you learned. Your team works through their first room, takes a break and has a working problem-solving session in our event space and then plays a second room to apply what you learned.

  • Two escapes per participant
  • Personalized event support 
  • Choice of games
  • Team photo
  • Event space with tables & chairs, monitor, Wi-Fi, dry erase board

Mini Break: It's just social! 2 Hours

Want to host a fun and different event for a birthday, Girls Night Out, Volunteer Appreciation event, family reunions or a get together? Here’s what’s included:

  • One escape per participant
  • Personalized event support 
  • Choice of game
  • Team photo
  • Event space with tables & chairs and monitor for slideshows etc.

Go team!

Ready to book your event? Need more info or not seeing exactly what you were envisioning? Want to add time on to make it an all-day event? We can customize your experience to accommodate your needs.

Contact us today for more details!