Alien Adventure

It’s a perfectly ordinary day in Bellevue. Or so it seems...

Suddenly, you sense a presence in your mind that you haven’t felt before. There is something important you must do, it says. Who or what is this, you wonder.

A family-friendly and self-guided hunt in downtown Bellevue, WA. Meet aliens and have an exciting space adventure!

Walking distance is a little over 1 mile. You might want to bring some way to record data; a phone app or a notepad would both be fine. The scavenger hunt starts and ends at Reality Break Escapes headquarters.

Walk of Wisdom: Mini Scavenger Hunt

Reality Break Escapes brings you Walk of Wisdom - A Mini-Scavenger Hunt Adventure

If you are heading to Downtown Bellevue and looking for outdoor family friendly fun then check out our new mini-scavenger hunt.

Sometimes we are so busy we forget to look closely at the subtle words of wisdom that are right in front of us

Can you follow the clues on this fun scavenger hunt? Riddles, puzzles and some words of wisdom along the way.

Head outside & explore this fun mini-adventure at the North end of Downtown Bellevue.

Download the ClueKeeper app on your phone or tablet here:

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Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Recommended Team Size: Up to 4 players

Connect With Friends!

Outdoors Through Bellevue

We did the Cypherspace puzzle as a birthday activity for my 14 year old and her friends. It was a lot of fun! Hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that we had no idea what to do. I've done escape rooms where the puzzles are so hard to figure out that we never in a million years have gotten them without tons of help. This was lots more fun because we were actually able to solve most of them with only a few hints. It was also well designed in that there were multiple puzzles for our group to work on so we weren't all standing around watching one person try to figure something out. There was something for everyone to contribute. I would highly recommend it!

Jennifer Cripe Avatar
Jennifer Cripe


Fernando Laguna Avatar
Fernando Laguna

Chloe was great! We had a fun time in our virtual escape room

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Eric Kiesow


The live escape room experience that you know and love from Reality Break Escapes is now available in the form of Scavenger Hunts! Explore downtown Bellevue with friends, family or co-workers and hunt for clues together to solve the mysteries. All scavenger hunts utilize the free app, Cluekeeper, and are perfect for all ages.