Your band hasn't had a hit in years! In a fit of frustration your drummer has sold his soul for a #1 hit song.  The next day he realized his error and has gotten the band together to come up with a hit song in 60 minutes.  If you don't come up with a hit song the devil gets your souls.  You've hired Griff Rockman, famous Seattle Music Producer to help you, unfortunately the devil learned of your plan and has lured Griff away…not to worry, he's left you everything you need in his office…

Level: Beginner - Experienced 

Recommended Players: 3 -6 

Time: 60 Minutes

I am an escape room enthusiast and have done over 100 escape rooms across at least six different states. I found this room to be an excellent experience.
I've done both the Cypherspace and the Lucky Duck Speakeasy rooms. Both rooms were very logical and entertaining. They are not super high tech, but enough to say that these are not first gen rooms.
They are very safe to do during the quarantine. They don't put you with strangers, they insist on wearing masks, and they thoroughly clean the rooms and stagger groups.
I highly recommend Reality Break and would definitely do another room here next time I'm in the area! They also have online team building versions of some of the rooms!

Amy Kaulius Avatar
Amy Kaulius

A great way to have fun with your family and stay socially distant from others! We went on Halloween and the only other human we came into contact with was the game master. Although people said it was for teens and up, our game master gave plenty of hints so even our 7 year old was able to participate (even with all the hints, we still didn't win!) We were smiling from start to finish, we will definitely be back, what a fun experience!!

Lori Santo Avatar
Lori Santo

Team building event. Didn't want to go. Didn't think I'd even like it. I've gotta admit I had a great time! Really interesting multiroom puzzle. Staff were all friendly and welcoming. I'd definitely recommend!

Tony Patterson Avatar
Tony Patterson

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