The Lucky Duck Sting: The Prequel to The Lucky Duck Speakeasy

It's finally happened...

You work for the Bellevue PD and, after spending two years undercover, you're in. All that's left is for the Muddy Waters gang to initiate you, giving you full access to their mysterious "Boss". As a trial, the Boss has sent you and three other gang members - Anthony Slim, Pete Marino, and Benny Scraps - to Tacoma to deal with your rivals: the Green Rider Gang.

But you aren’t the only initiates… and the Muddy Waters… don’t have that many open spots.


This Hosted Puzzle Hunt is a series of puzzles and narrative tightly intertwined. Your whole team will work together to progress through puzzles one challenge at a time, with the end reached only through sheer teamwork and collaboration!


Level: All

Recommended Players: 4-250+

Time: 30-40 Minutes

  • Reality Break Escapes was able to provide a fantastic virtual escape room for my large group of people for the company I am working with. We had 150 guests to entertain and Giorgio and his amazing team did not disappoint! I had to book it last minute, and he made it work. I was unsure of the final number until the day of, and he made it work. I was nervous and he made me feel confident and secure. All went perfectly. A big big thank you to Giorgio and the team for making our event a success!

    Francesca Maso Avatar
    Francesca Maso

    Had a good time! Joined in with coworkers at a work-sponsored event, and had a good and complete escape room experience in just a half hour! Appreciated the smooth experience integrating with Teams and the way we were able to experience the escape room through their website smoothly without having to download or install anything.

    Aarthi Arunachalam Avatar
    Aarthi Arunachalam

    We had so much fun! What a great way to take an in person activity and make it virtual! Thanks so much to our game master, Ellen....she was helpful, funny and chill!

    Lisa Eller Avatar
    Lisa Eller
  • The Reality Break Virtual Escape Room was a blast. Mason did an excellent job assisting us navigate through the rooms. Very professionally done. I found it just as enjoyable as playing in a physical location. 5 of us played and we had a great time.

    RPM Smith Avatar
    RPM Smith

    I just did this as a virtual escape room with a team from work. OMG! So much fun! This would be really fun with a group of friends or a group of co-workers. And it really was as much fun as the in person experience. You must try this. I can't wait to do it again!

    Chloe Warren Avatar
    Chloe Warren

    This virtual escape room was AMAZING! We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family from across the states. Our host Jennifer was so kind and helpful throughout the process. The game was very thought-provoking and fun! We were able to escape with seconds to spare, with helpful clues from Jennifer along the way. I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a fun, reasonably-priced activity. We plan on booking another one of their virtual rooms for our Christmas celebration as well! 10 out of 10 for Reality Break Escapes!

    Abigail Andreasen Avatar
    Abigail Andreasen

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