It's the 1920s and prohibition is in full swing! You and your team of detectives have tracked down the Muddy Water's Gang to their Lucky Duck Speakeasy right in the heart of Downtown Bellevue (you didn't know there was a Speakeasy in Downtown Bellevue did you).  Your job is to identify who the mob Boss is from the suspect list on the wall and diffuse a little present of a bomb that the gang has left for you before it goes off in 60 minutes.  Time is ticking…or is it the bomb??


This Virtual Escape Room gives you the full interactivity and agency over your decisions that comes with an in-person experience, but right from the comfort of your own home! Enjoy 360 views of the full room and work with friends and family to escape the room!

Level: Beginner - Experienced

Recommended Players: 2 - 6

Time: 60 Minutes

    5 star review  More than meets the eye at Reality Break Escapes. We had a really fun experience with a team outing here at Reality Break Escapes! There is so much to uncover and piece together in each puzzle room. Just when you think you've got the puzzle figured out there is more waiting for you. Looking forward to coming back to try another one soon!

    thumb Emily Sorenson

    5 star review  The virtual escape room was SO MUCH FUN! They did a great job of translating the real-life experience to photos and interactive panels and puzzles, the host helped all along the way and it was almost as engaging as being able to do it in person. They worked with us to accommodate an extra attendee and offered to transfer the virtual meeting so we could stay on after we "escaped" 5 of 5, had a great time!

    thumb India Anderson

    5 star review  So much fun!! What a blast with our friends. The staff was super charming and only helped when you really needed it. The mystery was full of surprises with different kinds of puzzles. We will definitely be back!!! Thank you to the wonderful staff for a great adventure!

    thumb Anna Porterfield

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