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Spring Fling!!

Hartford Emerald (a prize show horse from our puzzle, The Mystery of the Missing Mare, was grazing in the meadow when she came across a bunny in the clovers!

Bogart the Bunny has found some puzzling things while exploring the meadow - help him unravel the mysteries of the meadow!


Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Recommended For Puzzle Enthusiast!

Time: 1 1/2 - 2 Hours

You'll need a printer, pen or pencil, a pair of scissors and an iPhone/Android device to run ClueKeeper, and you have an authentic escape room experience right in your own living room.

The ClueKeeper App will be on your device but all the puzzles are paper based so you can work on them as a family.


    5 star review  Our group of 5 played Cypherspace and Top of the Charts! We enjoyed the stories, great atmosphere, and excellent customer service that ranged from booking, to rescheduling during COVID, to playing our game. The people who work here rock, are super chill, and know how to have fun 😁 Our favorite was Top of the Charts. Brenda was super sweet and understanding, the front desk guy was hilarious, and our game master was really effective at giving us the right hints at the right time without ruining the experience. We'll definitely be back!

    thumb Jenny Chiang

    5 star review  Had a blast here at Reality Break Escapes. It was just my girl & iAnd we did the 1920’s speakeasy themed room. We got lots of help from our super helpful game master Josh—hats off to Josh. He was our third unofficial “teammate.” We didn’t escape but thanks to Josh we almost got out. Nonetheless it was a great time, definitely recommend this escape room. We will be returning to do the cyberspace room.

    thumb Myles Brothers

    5 star review  Fun experience! Definitely challenging, but wish they would have let us struggle a little more before offering hints. Still, it didn’t take away from a great time.

    thumb Lee