Can you break your way into the secret lair??

After receiving a scrambled and warped message telling you to meet someone at a designated location, you arrive at a secretive meeting - a government shadow organization known as Puzzle Solver 9. They’re looking for those who can solve strange codes or weird encryptions but will only take the best of the best!

You’re driven to a hidden base full of locked doors, each with its own code and puzzle, but only the first to the heart of the base is accepted into the organization. Good luck!

You only have 30 minutes to get in before the security system comes back online and you're locked out...

Each puzzles brings you closer to the secret lair and you must get through all of the security doors in the secret base to reach the final puzzle to save the day!

The clock is ticking...Can you crack the codes?


Level: Intermediate

Recommended For Puzzle Enthusiasts!

Time: 30 minutes

You'll need an iPhone/Android device to run ClueKeeper, and you have an authentic escape room experience right in your own living room.

    5 star review  Very fun, challenging but not to the point where you're pulling your hair out. Gamemaster Terry was great as well!! 10/10 would recommend.

    thumb Elizabeth Sauer

    5 star review  Gr8 Game. Good Fun 🙂

    thumb Hitesh Popat

    5 star review  Thank you for this experience

    thumb ilan n. knochen