Can you break your way into the secret lair??

After receiving a scrambled and warped message telling you to meet someone at a designated location, you arrive at a secretive meeting - a government shadow organization known as Puzzle Solver 9. They’re looking for those who can solve strange codes or weird encryptions but will only take the best of the best!

You’re driven to a hidden base full of locked doors, each with its own code and puzzle, but only the finest puzzlers will be accepted into the organization.

Good luck!


Level: All

Recommended Players: 4-250+

Time: 20-30 minutes

Super fun team building activity!

John Ungur Avatar
John Ungur

Tried one of their virtual escapes rooms. Great puzzles and super staff. Highly recommended!

Paul Avatar

Online escape room with friends and coworkers was definitely a must try! Host was super nice and friendly! Highly recommended for people who want to try out online escapes! I wish it can be in person!

Sophia Lin Avatar
Sophia Lin