Exodus from Reality… A Passover Escape Experience

 Your journey begins in Egypt thousands of years ago and your team must work to solve all the mysteries of the Seder Plate.

Its secrets will lead each team to a unique Passover adventure.
Completing all adventures will bring the teams together to a secret chamber. In the chamber you’ll find a final puzzle that everyone must work together to complete the Exodus before time runs out.

Have some fun and learn about Passover!

Book online here Book Passover Escape Experience for 4/14 and 4/21 or call for dates/times not listed.

This Passover Escape Experience is a fun and interactive escape game where up to 4 groups work individually and everyone plays the final puzzles together. A booking of up to 4 players is one group and each game can play up to 16- 20 players.

Please call 425-577-6800 or email us for groups larger than 4 players, for private bookings or for bookings on dates not listed.

Contact us at info@RealityBreakEscapes.com for advance or group bookings.


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