RBE Team Events and The Northwest Events Show

The Northwest Events Show on April 15th and 16th was a resounding success for RBE Team Events. As a company that specializes in creating memorable experiences for groups of any size looking for team building and collaborative events, the show provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our offerings firsthand, to the interested parties. With a professionally fun exhibition, RBE wowed attendees with a wide range of exciting games and puzzles suitable for both newcomers and experienced players alike. Read on to learn more about the highlights of our booth at the NWES.

Booth Offerings We Had at the Show

One of the highlights of our booth was undoubtedly the colorful and inviting Walk-Up & Play puzzles that attracted a lot of foot traffic. Attendees looking for a quick and fun challenge could solve the puzzles and open locks to access prizes in just 2 to 5 minutes. Although we showcased only several of our many games at the show, RBE Team Events has a plethora of quick puzzles that are perfect for cocktail nights, a fun break during an offsite or engaging networking sessions. Some of our puzzles require a decent amount of brainpower, however our customers rose to the challenge. Not to worry, we have a variety of levels from beginner to advanced so everyone can enjoy them.

Another popular attraction was the mini murder mystery game called "Murder at the Hartford Estates". This collaborative three-stage "whodunnit" game usually lasts 60-75 minutes, but we managed to modify specific puzzles from the game into quick 5-minute challenges so attendees could get a taste of the game while earning small prizes. "Murder at the Hartford Estates" is just one of the many games offered by RBE Team Events, which can be played at our new North Bellevue venue that can accommodate up to 100 players at once. Want the fun to come to you? Every game we offer at RBE Team Events is completely portable, meaning teams can have the games brought to them at any venue of their choice. This feature is especially popular for "Seattle Freeze", a large game perfect for groups of up to 40 players that has both competitive and collaborative components, has all the fun features of an escape room…without the walls or doors.


However, the star of our booth had to be the Mystery Bag Purple Puzzle Pouch. People could walk up, scan a QR code, and sign up to receive a puzzle bag of games that were perfect for solving on your own or with a partner. Almost everyone who stopped by our booth signed up for one. Don't worry if you missed out on the opportunity to sign up for the Mystery Bag at NWES. You can click on this link to request a free puzzle bag from RBE Team Events.


Additional Information on RBE and the Northwest Events Show

If you missed the events show but would still like to tour one of the two locations, sign up here!

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To wrap everything up, the Northwest Events Show was a huge success for RBE Team Events, where we showcased a variety of exciting games and puzzles suitable for team building and collaborative events. Our booth offered a range of walk-up puzzles, mini murder mystery games, and the popular Mystery Bag Purple Puzzle Pouch.. Our offerings garnered a lot of excitement, and we received positive feedback from interested parties. If you wanted more information or wanted to check out pictures and videos from the event, you can visit our website or social media pages to learn more. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to providing you with unique and memorable team-building experiences!