Hello lovers and friends and let this be a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day ❤️ is next week! If you’re on the hunt for the best way to spend the day, consider me your official Valentine’s planner. This year, I implore you to extend your activities beyond a dinner date or a Galentine’s party. Expand your horizons (and your mind!) and come play an escape room! Yes, I might be biased considering my line of work but let me prove to you why an escape room is a critical piece of a top tier Valentine’s celebration.  

Firstly, we’re well known as a bonding experience. What brings people together more than being locked in a room with the threat of impending doom looming over them? Nothing! In all seriousness, escape rooms are a common team building activity and are an excellent date night. A successful escape requires teamwork, cooperation, and a lot of laughter!  

Perhaps the most important selling point: it’s a unique way to spend the day! Imagine all your friends bragging about their lovely dinners and extravagant parties, then telling them you saved all of space and time, or defeated a mob boss, in only an hour. Talk about a memorable Valentine’s Day!  

Oh yeah, did I mention it’s only an hour of your day? It’s the perfect activity to add some excitement to a dinner date night, or a great way to spend the evening after a gorgeous Galentine’s brunch. If you’re still not convinced, let me offer you some perfect Valentine’s Day plans straight from the mind of yours truly:  

For the nerdy couple:  

  • Start the day strong with flowers! I’m talking blues, purples, and some baby’s breath. Bonus points if you arrange them yourselves to look like a floral galaxy. Add a card to tell your Valentine that they’re out of this world 
  • Engage in your partner’s favorite nerdy obsession. Play that game they love, have a Star Wars marathon, anything to get them in the sci-fi mood and to show them that you appreciate their hobbies!  
  • Come visit Seattle’s own Reality Break Escapes to play Cypherspace, and turn date night into a mission to save the galaxy! We’ll even let you bring your lightsabers, if you’re so inclined.  
  • End the evening with a lovely dinner or drinks out in Downtown Bellevue, and if you’re still feeling puzzle-y, you can explore Bellevue while playing our Alien Adventure scavenger hunt!  

 For the romantics:  

  • Make your partner a bouquet! Find their favorite flowers, some extras to match, and toss them in a cute vase. The extra love in putting them together yourself means the world!  
  • Have a little date night in Bellevue! There’s restaurants, cafes, and parks to suit whatever your lover loves.   
  • Finish the evening in The Lucky Duck Speakeasy, working together as 1920s detectives to bring down a gang! Bonus points if you dress to fit the era.  

For the Galentine’s:  

  • I can’t overstate the importance of treating your girls to flowers! Single roses, bundles of daisies, whatever suits the aesthetic of your evening.  
  • Get some beautiful and delicious baked goods at Trophy Cafe in Bellevue. Take a stroll, get some drinks, and if you’re enjoying your time out on the town, give our Panic in the Park scavenger hunt a shot! It’ll take you on an adventure in Bellevue Downtown Park.  
  • Since you’re in the area, dance on over to Reality Break Escapes to play our rock and roll themed room, Seattle Rocks! Create the most iconic girl band of all time and win back your souls and your spot on the charts.

No matter who you are, where you play or how you decide to celebrate Valentine's Day, an Escape Room will take your heart filled adventure to the next level!