Kids have been cooped up all year long, and with middle schools and high schools going online this fall, you’re looking for safe ways your pre-teens/teens can stay connected with their friends. Two critical components that children are missing due to online school: hands-on learning and social interaction. These two factors are critical to the overall mental and emotional development of children and adolescents. 


When these opportunities are missed for a long-standing period, children begin to have their educational competencies and social skills affected. While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a threat, many parents and child physicians are also concerned about how distanced learning will impact this generation of kids. 


The brain goes through some of its biggest developmental periods during the adolescent years. Social skills mature, core beliefs solidify, and how we perceive ourselves and others intensify. Social interactions during these childhood years are critical to how adulthood relationships will play out. Adolescent years give children their base understanding of how to give support, provide loyalty, and deal with betrayal. 


This major disruption to the educational and social life of our children has undoubtedly caused unfair stress and even depression upon them. As we continue to navigate this distanced lifestyle, experts suggest we need to do two things as caregivers: provide opportunities for interactive play and understand their need to be online. 

So what are some ways you can help create an environment that allows your children to engage freely and openly with their peers? All the better, how can this be done while challenging their growing minds? 


Here’s one solution: Virtual Escape Rooms! 


Here at Reality Break Escapes, we have set up a safe environment for in-person escape rooms for middle school and high school students. But we understand if you’re not ready to let your kids out of the house quite yet. No worries, they can still problem solve and race against time with their friends with virtual escape rooms or at-home puzzles for middle school and high school students.  


Whether in-person or online, our interactive escape rooms offer a variety of storylines and difficulties to fit your child’s age group. Help bring together your child and their friends in an after school activity that encourages social communication and fun brain teaser challenges. Life is far from normal right now, but here is one way we can help give our children a feeling of familiarity. 


Book Your Escape Room Experience Now! 

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